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W.H. Auden November 19, 2006

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WH Auden; click for larger version

11/18/2006: The poet W.H. Auden, drawn from a postcard.


2 Responses to “W.H. Auden”

  1. kim Says:

    Although I love ALL your drawing of San Diego, I find this one especially captivating. I like the combination of lines and shading – particularly around the left eye. Nicely done.

  2. Dani Says:

    Thanks so much Kim. I realized I have a real problem trying to capture age. As I draw people, they all come out about 20. So I got some postcards of great writers with character etched all through their aged faces and started drawing. It’s been fun. I like this one too, and the one I did on Sunday (should be posted soon) of Virginia Woolf. I think using pencils instead of pens is a real advantage in drawing the aged because you can vary the line much more.
    Next, though, I’ll have to try to do it in the real world, with real people with real wrinkles, and not just from a photo on my coffee table. That’s gonna be harder.

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