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At the beach November 19, 2006

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At the beach; click for larger version

11/18/06, Fifth Street beach access, Encinitas, Calif. It’s probably apparent that these are separate scenes and aren’t to scale. The volleyball player on the right isn’t really taller than the umbrella, and that woman isn’t really looking at him.


One Response to “At the beach”

  1. India Amos Says:

    I feel that it is sinful for people to go to the beach in November. That said, the only time I’ve ever been to San Diego was in November, and I understand how the impulse might arise.

    I like the top guy best. There’s some comic book artist or cartoonist whose work this reminds me of; I can’t remember who it is, of course. Earlier today I spent at least half an hour trying to remember a restaurant I’d been to recently and liked—not just the name of the restaurant, but almost the whole experience. I could remember having the enjoyable meal, but I couldn’t remember what the occasion was, or what kind of food I ate, or what neighborhood it was in. I remembered being pleasantly surprised by the quality, and especially by the service, and I remember tipping generously. For half an hour I pondered this, in vain. Senility can start so early!

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