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One shoe November 14, 2006

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Finally tried my pastel pencils. Prefer to use them on coloured paper, so I found some and taped it into the sketchbook. I love drawing with pastels even if it makes me sneeze, because of the dust.


11 Responses to “One shoe”

  1. Dani Says:

    That’s so cool. I love how you used that colored paper and then let it peek through on the heel, sole and edge of strap. And it’s probably much more fun to draw those shoes than wear them ….

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    You get a lot of help from the paper, when you use a colored paper.
    -And about wearing the shoes, they are actually very comfortable. My favourite party-shoes!

  3. India Amos Says:

    (And they go with your Monsoon dress!)

    The beauty of this drawing almost makes me willing to tangle with pastels. Almost. But not quite.

  4. Susan Says:

    Elizabeth your shoe is a worthy-of-the-wall sketch. LOVE it!

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    Thank you! These kind comments make me want to do more pastels. :)
    And India, if you’re going to get the Monsoon dress … these shoes were bought in England too … (Clark’s have some great shoes.)

    Don’t be afraid of your pastels. Just be sure to use the right paper. Too hard and nothing will stick, too “loose” (I’m sure there must be a proper name for the kind of paper I’m thinking of but when it comes to English my vocabulary for print/paper/book-related things is blank. Nothing there. Haha.) and the paper will be destroyed.

    The paper I used for this shoe sketch is actually the brown paper inside a roll of wrappingpaper from IKEA …

    Oh – and I never ever use fixative, I just hurry up and scan the drawing.

  6. India Amos Says:

    Ah, Clark’s we can usually get in the States. But I already have plenty of green shoes to go with that dress.

    Fixative! Bleh. And then what do you use to clean off your scanner bed?

  7. Elisabeth Says:

    Clean the scanner? Hm. Thats why all my scans today were that funny bluish color. Haha.

    It’s just dust since there’s no yucky fixative involved, so a tissuepaper works just fine. Now oil-pastels on the other hand … That’s something I wouldn’t put on my scanner …

  8. MarkDM Says:


    … Um, wow, was that ever a bad pun. Sorry. Great drawing.

  9. Neil Johnson Says:

    Very nice drawing. I like that you focused on the center of the page, leaving the raw paper surrounding it.

  10. esra Says:

    ı like this picture..you are good on skecthing friend..ı used to draw lady shoes..
    ı like to seek lady shoes and find different between the ordinaries..ı have found this site ı will look the other links in this site.. :) this is so good..

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