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Japanese pouch November 12, 2006

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My friend Melissa brought this from Japan for me. It’s made from a single large square scarf:


I’ve been keeping my camera in it lately, since I don’t have a real camera bag that’s big enough. (I recently upgraded to a camera with a zoom lens.)


5 Responses to “Japanese pouch”

  1. markdm Says:

    The textures in this are great, and that bead fooled me for a second, it looks so real. Very nice.

  2. Hiren Says:

    Very colorful indeed.

  3. I got lost in the transition between photographed pouch and photographed drawing. Wonderful.

  4. skybellarts Says:

    What a lovely drawing India! The pouch and bead are great – I especially like the shading marks!

  5. India Amos Says:

    Aww. How pleasant to wake up to a bunch of nice comments!

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