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Bags November 11, 2006

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I’ve no time to sit comfortable down
But I still need armchairs round my home
To put carrier bags on
[“Carry Bag Man,” The Fall, The Frenz Experiment]


2 Responses to “Bags”

  1. hylacrucifer Says:

    This is just terrific. Actually, so good that had I all my own art stuff here with me I would probably toss it out the window.

  2. India Amos Says:

    Oh, shush.

    The thing with this drawing is that it’s the first one where I actually measured things to get the placement and proportions right. I did that thing where you hold out your pencil at arm’s length. I did this also on the Japanese Pouch drawing. Also, I paid attention to the fact that you can’t get a smooth texture out of these Pitt brush pens—unlike watercolors, they will always show the “nap” of the drawing—so you might as well use it to enhance the shaping.

    And then I got tired and drew in the cheaty blue mass underneath. You get the idea.

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