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How’s it going? November 9, 2006

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I meant to ask this yesterday but forgot. Now Cindy‘s jogged my memory by answering my unspoken question at her own blog: Have you noticed any change in your drawing, or in your attitude toward drawing, since November 1?

For my part, while I don’t think my drawing has improved, my willingness to mess up a pretty, clean piece of paper has slightly increased. (I say only “slightly” because just last night, I tried to get myself to break in one of my two brand new Moleskine sketchbooks—the one I’ve been using is a regular thin-leaved journal—and I couldn’t do it.) Also, my willingness to do a lousy, messy scrawl rather than an accomplished, neat illustration has increased (perhaps too much). I still tend to leave the drawing until the very end of the day, when I’m tired and lazy (though not today—I drew at lunch but don’t have my camera with me and so can’t post), but I do at least do it, because I don’t want to let the Internet down. I’m still not comfortable being seen drawing, so, for example, even though I was bored out of my skull at this week’s production meeting, I didn’t doodle so much as a dot. Perhaps next week. And I love seeing all of your drawings every day, and thinking about drawing, and identifying as a draw-er. The fact that it’s a group project makes it much more appealing to me than if I were just drawing for my own amusement. (What does that say about me?)

So. And you?

I’d love to hear from some of the nonposting people who’re drawing silently at home. Lurkers, represent!


3 Responses to “How’s it going?”

  1. Dani Says:

    It’s interesting that you bring that up. I’ve thought for over a year I should be drawing more, but never seemed to make the time. In fact, I bought several sketch books and ended up taking notes in them instead of drawing. Somehow having a group project like this has made me feel responsible to produce a drawing everyday and I realize how wonderful it really is. Sure, I’m throwing up stuff that is super lousy, but it’s nice to be able to say I am drawing every day. And in doing so, I’m really seeing a lot more and thinking a lot more about the aesthetics of everything around me. And overall, I think that’s a good thing. Am I getting better? I’ll wait until the end of the month before I decide on that.

  2. kim Says:

    I’m in agreement with both India and Dani. Trying to adopt a habit of drawing has been something I’ve wished/hoped to do but failed to really hold myself accountable. Participating in a group has helped – I have to deal with my tendency to procrastinate!

  3. dylan Says:

    I don’t feel so much different about my drawing (except for a frisson of happiness that it’s all coming back to me — like riding a bike). But I am starting to feel a bit depressed about the sameness of my weekday routine, which I’m now aware of because I keep considering drawing the same things in the same places. Kitchen, train station, train, office. Train, kitchen, living room, bed. Repeat 5x. Sigh.

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