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Days 7 & 8 November 9, 2006

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Still with the charcoal and the pencils. I’ve been really rushed the last few days, so I’ve squeezed my sketching in during rushed meals at restaurants. (Today will be no different.)

Chips & Salsa

Day 7: Chips & Salsa. I’m not sure why this scanned at full-size — sorry ’bout that. It’s also my least favorite of the sketches so far, mostly because of the way the bubbles on the chips look like spots, not bubbles. Color could help me on this, but time is too limited.


Day 8: Still out of groceries, so went to the Monroe Hotel for dinner. I stand out when I go there because I eat alone in the dining room (rather than the bar) and typically read the whole time. Last night I drew instead. There was a 24-person birthday party finishing when I arrived, so I hurried to capture the balloons before they left. While I was sketching I could hear snips of conversation — the one I quoted was the one I most wanted to butt in and argue with, but I knew doing so would not help anyone.


2 Responses to “Days 7 & 8”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Well, I suppose you’d have to like women in a certain way . . .

  2. What I meant: It seems to me that one can get turned on by things other than affection. So one can act like a big romantic but really be into something other than like the person one is with.

    And in particular, it seems to me that a typical womanizer may not be attracted to women or the female form or anything, but with the chase of winning someone over, or the idea of being in love. Or may simply be afraid of being alone. And having one romance after another might even point to not really liking women at all, just liking being in a romance.

    Not sure this relates to drawing at all though. :)

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