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The past few days. November 8, 2006

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Some pictures from the past few days. I also scanned a picture last night of Clara playing on a dragon sculpture but Flickr wouldn’t accept the file format or something.

I’m really fond of the dog and rug picture. Laying down all that watercolor just made me so happy. I need to do more watercoloring, it’s clear.

I don’t know how often I’ll actually put a post on this blog. I’m posting pictures to Flickr as I scan them, and tagging everything with “drawmo” as well as sending them to the Drawmo group pool on Flickr. It seems redundant to also be creating posts here, doesn’t it?

BTW, India, I noticed you’ve been busy adding tags to my pictures to indicate their medium, format, subject matter, etc. So thorough! Thank you.

PS. Do we need to add a “paint” or “watercolor” or “colors” category to this blog?


5 Responses to “The past few days.”

  1. India Amos Says:

    No, no need to post here unless you want to yap about your drawings. Flickr’s comment system is not very robust. Unless I’m missing something (and if it’s there but I’ve missed it, it’s really buried, because I’ve looked more than once), there’s no way to get Flickr to notify you when you have a new comment. You have to go looking for them, or you have to subscribe with a third-party comment tracker.

    I have to post here, since otherwise my pictures won’t show up on the blog at all. I finally got an e-mail back from Flickr, and I’ve asked them to re-review my account, but they’re kind of slow.

  2. dylan Says:

    Ah, that makes sense.

    What does Flickr have against you? Your photos are showing up on my home page there, but then again, you’re one of my “contacts” on Flickr.

  3. India Amos Says:

    Flickr has against me that I post things that are not photographs, e.g., screenshots, book jackets, and, theoretically, drawings.

    You can get away with this if you mark them as “private” or use the somewhat cryptic “hide from public searches” option. Also, I think the bulk of your photostream must remain photos.

    They don’t want nonphotos showing up on the home page or in pools, so if they notice that you’re not diligent about hiding them, they mark your whole photostream as NIPSA—“Not In Public Site Areas.” I had been marking most of that stuff as “private,” but then nobody can see it, except through a direct link. I didn’t know about the “hide” option until I’d already been NIPSAd.

    Drawings are a gray area, apparently—they don’t like ’em, clearly, but just as clearly there are thousands of people posting drawings every day. I figure as long as you’re posting a photo of your drawing, you can wrangle with them.

  4. dylan Says:

    Ah, if Flickr doesn’t like drawings, we’re all screwed.

    I can’t even use the “photos of drawings” excuse because I’m posting scans.

    The funny thing about that Wired story is that Flickr originated as a tool for keeping track of virtual objects in some virtual reality game. For them to be cracking down on screenshots, drawings, etc is really ironic. And sad.

    Guess I better post some photos pronto!

  5. […] none of your pictures would show up in searches or group pools. This happened to me last year. In early 2007 Flickr started allowing you to mark your non-photo pictures as such, as I’ve […]

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