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Two-minute Mary, Painting workshop, Poker night November 6, 2006

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Two-minute Mary
11/3/2006: My painting buddy Mary. I sketched her in two minutes while waiting for her husband to show up for dinner.

Painting Workshop
11/4/2006: I was in a painting workshop this weekend with Al Setton. I was taking notes when he said something that really struck me. So I did a 30-second sketch of him under the quote: “You are part of the history of art.”

Poker Night
11/5/2006: This was intended to be a picture of my husband, but the only resemblence is all the chips in front of him. He often wins despite his quote to the contrary.

(Note: This post was assembled by Mark, but the drawings and captions are by Dani.)


4 Responses to “Two-minute Mary, Painting workshop, Poker night”

  1. Dani Says:

    OK. I googled the artist that Two-minute Mary likes. It’s Gail Pidduck, not Gail Piddick. Just in case you wanted to check out her art. Glad this is DrawMo and not SpellBetta ….

  2. juliaringma Says:

    OMG if it was SpellBetta, my keyboard skillz alone would kill me. However, I am usually a better speller than most folks around me but only because I read a lot.

  3. margaretei Says:

    I really like the “you are part of the history of art drawing”; both the drawing and placement and meaning of the quote. Sounds like a fun workshop. I have jpg’s in my screen saver folder of a painter whose drawn portraits are *exactly* like that . . . but I don’t remember his name and have bad file hygiene (“T3030_19” is not really helpful for a goodle search). He had a great show at a 57th St. gallery a few months ago, written up in the Times. So, yeah. Cool if not informative.
    And I would be tempted to troll SpellBetta with “ZOMG LOLZ u guyz r crzy WTF spelling?!1one111 Oh noes1 ROFLMAO |\1347sp34K FTW!11!one!11!!1eleven111!1

  4. dcovert Says:

    Heehee, I like “bad file hygeine,” I might gank that one. . .

    OMG!! Dani you are so cruel, I thought there really WAS a Spellbetta!! (What did Mr. Barnum say about how often I was born?)

    I would have SO TOTALLY joined!!

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