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Recursive antennaed things November 4, 2006

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Ha! You thought I was going to draw another drinking vessel, didn’t you! Well, you thought wrong—feast your eyes on this:

Bug Puppet

What the hell is that? you ask.

Why, it’s a grasshopper finger puppet on a TV antenna, of course. Here it is with a little more context:

Bug Puppet x 3

My friend Jack gave me these insect finger puppets last spring when I visited the Bay Area for the first time in several years. Actually, I think he got the puppets for Dylan’s daughter, Clara, but somehow they ended up coming home to Brooklyn with me. They now live on my TV’s antennae, which I think they beautify quite nicely.

I drew this standing up—because there’s nowhere near enough to sit, for a person of my nearsightedness—with a fine-tip Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen. So I’ve now fulfilled one of Susan’s drawing exercise suggestions.


9 Responses to “Recursive antennaed things”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Oh, and if you’re wondering how they affect TV reception, I have no idea. I don’t actually turn the TV on; it’s just the place where I stack my mail and toss my keys. But I’d assume that those four extra mini-antennae improve the picture a great deal.

  2. kim Says:

    Very good. Must go back and check Susan’s drawing exercises – I don’t recall “bug with antennae up its…”

    on another note, since you are my resident wordpress guru – is it “better” to put pictures as photo sharing and if so, how do I do that?

  3. kim Says:

    ah… standing, got it.

  4. margaretei Says:

    Wee, triplets! Have you named them?

  5. dylan tweney Says:

    So that’s where those little bugs went!

  6. India Amos Says:

    Kim: Is it “better” to put pictures as photo sharing? I don’t think you mean “is it better to post them to Flickr than to upload directly to WordPress,” as you’ve been putting your own photos on Flickr already, but I’ll answer that anyway: I prefer to post pictures at Flickr and link to them from WordPress because I find the WordPress upload module kind of mysterious. The interface is a bit cryptic, and I have no idea how many images/MB one is allowed to upload. I’d rather not hit that limit in the first week, and I’d rather keep my photos handy for nonblog purposes. Also, Flickr resizes your photos for you and has some pretty granular privacy settings. DrawMo! aside, I don’t use the community features there much, but it’s a nice idea.

    Now, what I think you were asking about: When I’m blogging a Flickr image, I use their copy-and-paste HTML code, but I always edit the “title” tag to be the actual title of the image, or some other reasonable description. They put “Photo Sharing” in the “title” tag by default, because they want to be the top hit on Google for those words. I don’t think it’s a useful title field for Web users, though, especially as the title is what shows up when you roll your mouse over the image—at least in Firefox, which is what I use. But I do want to credit Flickr for the hosting, so I change the title tag to “[my title] (Flickr).” In this post, I forgot to do that at first, so what you saw when you rolled your mouse over the pictures was “Photo Sharing.”

  7. India Amos Says:

    Dylan: Yes, and that’s another reason why Flickr has NIPSA’d me: I steal toys from children.

  8. kiki Says:

    i love this drawing

  9. India Amos Says:

    Wow, thanks, Kiki! I’m quite sure nobody’s ever said that before about anything I’ve drawn.

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