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Husband reading (Day 3) November 4, 2006

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For my third drawing I begged my husband to sit still while reading the paper. This was the last page of my old sketchbook, so today I’m starting my brand new one. For my birthday I got a sheet of amazing paper from a friend, and I have used some of it to make the new sketchbook look all pretty and girly:


Above is my old sketchbook, decorated with a postcard I bought in Bologna this spring when I visited the Childrens Book Fair. Below the new sketchbook. All dressed up, and ready for DrawMo. Lying next to them are my “travel-kit”. One pencil (lead-holding), one box with 6 color lead-holding Koh-i-Noor pencils. That I don’t know if I’ll ever find refills for. Buhu.


10 Responses to “Husband reading (Day 3)”

  1. margaretei Says:

    Great sketch of your husband, hurrah for spousal posing. I want to marry your art supplies, and half the things featured on your blog. Especially that stain teacup.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Oh … the stain teacups … I know … I have mailed the woman who makes them, and she has promised to let me know when she has a batch ready for sale. – And if I have to fly to London to pick them up – well – that’s a small sacrifice, right?

  3. margaretei Says:

    Oh. My. God. Please let me know if that works out. I’ll meet you in London for tea. I want a set of those. Was going to say I hope the designer doesn’t find out how much I’d be willing to shell out for one, but the plane trip to London from the USA kind of outs me, doesn’t it?
    Aaaah. Consumerism and design lust tingle. Better than coffee (it’s 7am here).

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    It’s a deal! Will start researching trendy London cafés imediately. ;-)
    But what are you doing up at 7am on a saturday? It’s 1pm here, and my hair is still not dry from the shower I took when I got out of bed.

  5. margaretei Says:

    Hee. I’ve become an early bird about 80% of the time in the last year. Something about getting ready to hit the quarter century mark? But today I’m also going to an artist model session in Chelsea that starts at 9:30, and goes to noon. I love figure drawing (which is the story behind that rabbit drawing), and used to go to this more often in the beginning of the year but haven’t been in months. It’s a good deal for $10, and I feel productive on the weekend. This will be my first time using my Prismacolors, hopefully. I usually use graphite or charcoal. I’ll also be working smaller than usual, in my sketchbook or Moleskine as opposed to a big honkin’ pad of paper. Newness!

  6. India Amos Says:

    I was gonna say—god, you guys are up and commenting early. I was being good and made myself get out of bed at 9:15. Sheesh.

    But anyway: I like the portrait a lot, but I particularly love the patterned paper.

    Which reminds me that one of the reasons I wanted to start drawing again is that it’d be nice to be able to draw patterns from time to time. My friend Nasreen, a textile designer, hired me once to draw some small patterns for her that she could use in her work. It felt strange getting paid for this—I mean, really, just sitting there doodling for a couple of hours—but it was fun, and it made me think of all kinds of things I could do with patterns I’d drawn, such as make wrapping paper, or cards. But then I never did it again.

    Just the other day I was designing a casual history book about the Middle East, and I figured I needed some kind of Middle Eastern–looking pattern to use as borders, so that it would look like every other book about the Middle East ever published in the entire history of the universe. So I made something out of a dingbat font and some rules, and it got approved, but wouldn’t it have been more fun to draw my own?

  7. India Amos Says:

    Oh, also, I was having drinks a couple of months ago with a bunch of friends and friends of friends, and I ended up sitting next to this woman who’s also a book designer, and whom I’d met before but never talked to. And she said that she’s been designing stationery on the side, and she loves it. So now she’s quitting her job at Enormous Obvious Publisher, where she’s been for eight or ten years, to make stationery full-time. She showed me a catalogue with some of her work in it, and I was, of course, all like, “Huh. I could do that.”

    But, you know, you can’t do stuff unless you actually do it, I’ve noticed. Damned technicalities.

  8. kim Says:

    London? that’d be nice. Maybe in 2007 or 2008. If you go do try Patisserie Valerie on Brompton Rd in Knightsbridge (just down from Harrods.) You may want to have more than tea – tempting yummy treats there!

  9. India Amos Says:

    Because this drawing’s been at the top of the blog all day (and because I’m obsessive and have been checking the blog all day), I’ve looked at it probably a hundred times. And I’m really liking it. I especially admire the hand, but his face is also very immediate and expressive.

  10. Elisabeth Says:

    I’ve been thinking about making stationary (and wrappingpapers and all kinds of neat stuff) too, but like you I have slowly started to realize that it’s up to me to make it happen. Too bad.

    But in December I’m going to participate in a designer-christmas-faire a friend of mine is holding in her hometown. I have to come up with something to do for that sooooon …

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