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left hand November 3, 2006

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my left hand

I tried a blind contour draw of my left hand. I did it in pen because I knew at some point I would look, not be satisfied and be tempted to erase it. By the time I did look – it was too late, the little finger & friends had already been severed and time was nearly up.


4 Responses to “left hand”

  1. margaretei Says:

    Nice contour drawing. And it makes a nice set with the Schiele. You lay down an vibrant lines.

  2. juliaringma Says:

    Actually I really like the abstract quality of it. It’s similar to the exercise I once did where I had to draw with my non-dominant (left for me) hand, with the pencil held awkwardly in my fist. Do another!

  3. margaretei Says:

    Oh wow, non-dominant hand drawing. I’ll definitely try to remember that for another DrawMo day. And I really like the abstract quality too, especially the floating ring finger. :-) And your trick of using non-erasing pen.

  4. kim Says:

    pens erase?

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