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Not exactly Pop Art November 2, 2006

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In desperation due to lack of inspiration, I grabbed my now empty can of pop, set it on the table and drew it. I still haven’t written my 1000 (or 2000) words yet either. And I have NO excuse!


3 Responses to “Not exactly Pop Art”

  1. margaretei Says:

    Oooh. I like the type and the shadow/reflectiony bit.

    Does a Fresca high doesn’t count as an excuse for NaNoWriMo? Bollocks. I’m just glad someone else drinks the stuff, I always get sideways glances when I get mine during the summer.

  2. juliaringma Says:

    I love Fresca! I first had it when we lived in Virginia in 1967/8 and I learned this year, when Coke resurrected it, that that was the first year it was invented. Ah the small circle of life.

  3. skybellarts Says:

    I didn’t know they still made it. I’ve some memory of fresca and instant tea… (it’ll pass!)

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