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Day 2 November 2, 2006

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doll 2

So today I marked a mini grid-within-a-grid (crossing lines) in white china marker before splashing around some gouache. Very wet and translucent.


4 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. rpw Says:

    I didn’t know this was you! Very Marlene Dumas. I like it. Is it SPPS?

  2. margaretei Says:

    Keen, I’d never seen Marlene Dumas’ paintings before. Thanks RPW.
    What’s SPPS? I’m guessing it’s not sub picosecond pulse source. Silly Google. But if you are using synchrotron radiation to do your gouache, please share. Because I would so sweat that technique.

  3. No xray beams involved. SPPS is my daughter (initials). RPW is her (doting ) aunt and my sister (whose own work can be found at http://www.rachelperrywelty.com).

    And to answer R’s question – no, the image I’m working with contains a plastic doll’s head and assorted other elements in a tiny still life.

  4. skybellarts Says:

    Thanks for the link to Marlene Dumas’ paintings AND I like to see more of RPW’s (please.)

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