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Dark-haired girls in black dining at Ole Madrid November 2, 2006

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dark-haired girls in black dining at ole madrid

While trying to decide what to draw yesterday, I thought about the objects on my desk, but I was too busy working to concentrate. So at lunchtime instead of eating at my desk like I usually do, I took myself out.

Funny the things you see when you really look. I mean, really, I work in downtown San Diego. It’s beautiful. It’s filthy. It’s poignant. It’s growing like gangbusters. It’s full of love and angst and commerce and heartbreak and a lot of tourists.

That’s when I hit upon my plan. I’m going to use my drawings this month to document life in downtown San Diego. Here’s my first attempt.


3 Responses to “Dark-haired girls in black dining at Ole Madrid”

  1. juliaringma Says:

    Oh this should be extra fun for me! I just went to San Diego (and California for that matter) for the first time in my life last month. We were at a convention and stayed at the Hyatt and had no wheels so we walked a lot. I loved it. You can see some of our pix at my Flickr site, if you are interested. Great going!

  2. Dani Says:

    Cool. Don’t you just love my town? I thought your photos were awesome and really captured the vibe.

  3. skybellarts Says:

    ‘funny the things you see when you really look’ – I think this is already what I like best about drawing. Slowing down to look-see-think differently.

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