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Pens, paper, and paint November 1, 2006

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I know Drawmo is supposed to be about drawing and not painting, but I was so inspired by Elizabeth Perry’s “Woolgathering” blog (and I enjoy watercoloring with my daughter so much) that I plan on doing some watercolor painting this month too. So here are my implements of destruction, from right to left:

  • 4×6 notecards (or really any index cards available — I’ve got lots lying around)
  • X-random ballpoint pen (my main axe)
  • Koh-i-noor drawing pens in a variety of tasty colors (favorite: graphite). These have the advantage of being cheap, and of drawing beautiful lines with ink that dries really fast. They feel like pencils actually!
  • Tiny 8-color portable watercolor set (cheap)
  • Portable #6 Utrecht watercolor brush (the end of the handle is hollow and slips off, then fits around the brush to protect it and to make the whole brush small enough to fit in my pants pocket)

And, at the top, today’s unintended splurge buys:

  • Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. $15 seems pricey for like 70 pages, and I readily admit I’m a bit of a Moleskine anti-snob, but I fell in love with the texture of the paper and decided what the hell. Serves me right for wandering into an art supply store. I will just have to chuck my plebeian pretensions and learn to enjoy it.
  • Bigger portable watercolor kit. This is just too nifty for words: It’s got 4 stacking disks, each with 6 colors, for a total of 24 different hues. Plus a lid. It was like $5 so I could hardly *not* buy it, right?

I was originally planning on doing all my drawing with just ballpoint and index cards, plus the tiny watercolor kit, but I have a way of getting seduced by new materials, especially if they’re packaged cleverly. Ah well. On to the drawing!

BTW, I am tagging all of my Drawmo posts in Flickr with the tag “drawmo” — might be a handy way to find stuff even if it hasn’t been explicitly sent to the Flickr group or blogged here.


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