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Need more coffee November 1, 2006

Filed under: .Elisabeth,Day 01,Drawing — Elisabeth @ 3:19 pm

coffee mug

Had a hard time deciding on what to draw. This is the cup I keep in my office. I drink a lot of coffee, so it is one of the most important items on my desk. I’m not too happy about the result, but at least I’ve started. :-)


6 Responses to “Need more coffee”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Great minds think alike: it’s teatime here, so just now I drew my tea infuser sitting on top of my mug. I used pencil, though, and both pieces are white, anyway, so mine’s much less colorful than yours.

    Meanwhile, . . . is that a Moomintroll?

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Yes, it’s a Moomintroll. Moominmamma actually. I have more than 12 of these at home. :-D


  3. India Amos Says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! That was a very bad thing to send me a link to!

  4. Elisabeth Says:

    I know! I only did it because I’m truly evil.

  5. margaretei Says:

    I love the handle! You’ve inspired me to whip out the Prismacolors today.

  6. Elisabeth Says:

    Thank you Margaret! It’s not often I get to inspire someone! :-)
    I’ve done my drawing for today, and will post tomorrow when I get to work where I have a scanner. And not a minute too soon, because it’s rather late here now. Actually it will be tomorrow in 40 minutes, and I must get some sleep …

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