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My first attempt – a leaf November 1, 2006

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For what it’s worth, I drew a leaf.
curled leaf
I had written the first 600 words of NaNoWriMo and then I decided I had to cook the onions for the pizza tonight. And then I remembered the laundry in the dryer. And then I knew I had to draw something now or never. So I looked into the back yard and picked a leaf off the garden that is now just dirt after I pulled out all the Summer plants (and before I have planted the bulbs for Spring). I laid it on the larger of my two sketch pads and drew it on the teensy tiny pad. As usual, I almost cut off one edge of the leaf because I started at the stem end and didn’t make allowances for the other end. But I drew! Something! I used a 2B and a 3B pencil and the kneaded eraser for mistakes (those veins can go wrong fast). I have only one place to go from here and that is up. I hope.


3 Responses to “My first attempt – a leaf”

  1. d. f. tweney Says:

    I like your leaf. I am sometimes afraid to draw leaves (and even more, trees) because the more you look at them, the more complicated they can get. I think you captured this one!

  2. margaretei Says:

    Congrats on theh NaNoWriMo start (you’re crazy to do both Mo’s . . . crazy awesome). I like the leaf too, especially the way the edges curl. Stuff like that always appear simple, then you sit down to do it and realize getting those curves, proportions, shapes, &c actually talkes a lot of looking. Nice capture.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Brava for getting started! It all looked too much for me to manage (especially the technological side) when I discovered the site after DrawMo had started, but I’m enjoying following its November progress. I’m a leaf lover myself. Loved your garden description and making inevitable comparisons. Here in Melbourne Australia we’ve had a superb spring day today – green lawns, blue skies, lots of plants in flower. 6 Nov ’07

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