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Drawing Exercises Master Post October 31, 2006

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For those of us who are more task-oriented than inspired, here are some drawing assignments. Also check out the Everyday Matters list of weekly challenges.

  1. Make a blind contour drawing (preferably on the first Friday of the month, i.e., this Friday, November 3; e-mail InkFinger before then to participate in the official Blind Contour Friday festivities).
  2. Draw using a viewing square or use a preexisting frame to isolate a scene.
  3. While listening to a favorite album/CD/playlist, make a drawing for each song.
  4. Do an upside-down portrait of a housemate or other invertible person.
  5. Turn the Dallas Cowboys into cowgirls.
  6. Draw a piece of fruit. No, really. That’s what fruit is for.
  7. Draw a picture of yourself making a really scowly, angry face (or whatever’s an atypical expression for you; i.e., if you usually look scowly and angry, try smiling for a few minutes). (If you draw yourself looking normal, you’re more likely to draw what you think you look like than what you actually look like. Also, you may get discouraged if your portrait is not accurate. But if you’re trying to look weird, anything goes.)
  8. Draw a picture outside.
  9. Draw a picture before getting out of bed in the morning.
  10. Draw a picture in the dark.
  11. Draw a picture while standing up.
  12. Draw without using black.
  13. Draw something for each letter of the alphabet.
  14. Draw with your nondominant hand.

Add your own suggestions here, either in this very post (if you’re a registered DrawMo! blogger) or in the comments; I’ll add them to the post (otherwise we may have problems with multiple people trying to edit the same post at once).


3 Responses to “Drawing Exercises Master Post”

  1. margaretei Says:

    Hooray, Day 1 and I’ve already done #8. It was beautiful weather so I went down to the waterfront by the Astoria Houses (in QNS). The picture is, uh, scribbly, but done. I like the idea of #10-11 (all work done in pajamas is good work), but fear the contour drawings.

    Every self-portrait I’ve ever done has had me looking like I’m deciding where to taser someone, because that’s how I look when I concentrate.

  2. India Amos Says:

    The thing about blind contour drawings is that they all look like crap. Your task is not to make a drawing that looks good; it’s just to follow with your pencil the path your eye takes. There’s no good or bad, only process, so your ego can take a nap while the hand-eye-coordination part of your brain takes a looong, oooooochy streeeeeeeetch.

  3. […] I drew this standing up—because there’s nowhere near enough to sit, for a person of my nearsightedness—with a fine-tip Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen. So I’ve now fulfilled one of Susan’s drawing exercise suggestions.   […]

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