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Pep talk October 29, 2006

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Artist and drawing instructor Carol Rosinski wrote on her blog a whole nine months ago,

I’m always amazed by how much anyone’s drawing skill can be improved with practice. I hear so many people say they can’t draw or can’t draw well and the truth is that they could if only they would make it a habit to practice drawing everyday. Here is a challenge for you, draw something everyday for thirty days and see how much your drawing ability improves.

Something very interesting happens when you slip into your “drawing mode” everyday for four weeks. The whole process suddenly becomes easier. The ability to see things abstractly and in their true proportions improves and the sense of value sharpens. The simple act of reaching for pencil and paper becomes a pleasant and natural extension of yourself instead of reminding you of an unknown area that triggers doubt and fear of failure.

So there. Look forward to that.

Carol does superrealistic drawings in graphite and charcoal, and she describes on the blog how she gets certain effects. She also offers a lot of instruction, both free and not free, and has a book forthcoming in 2007. Go explore her empire.


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