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Drawing tools October 20, 2006

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Since I gave some of the who-am-I over in comments, I thought I would post about tools. Without having to buy anything new at all, I am ready for DrawMo with the following stuff:
Even though he says he can’t draw (and isn’t doing DrawMo because of other pressing commitments like NaNoWriMo), my husband really wants to draw and over time has bought more in the way of art supplies than I ever had. So I raided his stash and came up with two sketch pads that are small enough to tote around with me. One is 5.5 by 8.5 which is a little large for the small purse but then I found a teeny tiny pad only 3.5 by 5 so I have no excuses.

I can’t remember when I bought the watercolour pencils – perhaps around the time of my last drawing, about ten years ago. They’ve never been used and are still in mint condition. Maybe if I remain afraid of them, I will eventually be able to sell them on the Antiques Road Show.

The pencils in the plastic box are much better used and in fact, I have replaced the 6B and apparently have used up the 2B as it isn’t in there. Once I took a course from an artist who used a mechanical pencil and was struck by the convenience of not having to sharpen it. I tend to draw very small anyway so the fine point of a mechanical pencil works for me. Of course, the problem as always with pencil is that it smudges so I think I am going to dare to use a pen of some description – well, we will see.

Finally, the viewing square was introduced to me when I took a year long art class at Queen’s back in 1978. I had one about 4 inches square on the inside but I couldn’t find it and anyway, I wanted one smaller so I just made myself this one, three inches on a side (I made it from matte board – Peter frames his own photographs and we have plenty of matte board scraps to go around). The idea is that you look through the square at anything and it abstracts what you are looking at and isolates the pattern or the interest of it. I didn’t do many sketches with it and only ever did them as an exercise assigned by the teacher. But I liked every one I did so I thought it could help get me going on “what on earth do I draw?”


4 Responses to “Drawing tools”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Oh, yeah! I forgot about viewing squares. Cool.

  2. shawn Says:

    so you just hold the viewing square with one hand and draw with the other?

  3. Julia Says:

    Shawn – that’s exactly what you do. You can put the square down to concentrate and use the other hand. When you pick it up again, it’s easy to get the object in your sights again and line up the marks on the square with the landmarks on what you are drawing.

  4. shawn Says:

    thank you

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