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Hey! Ho! Lascaux! October 19, 2006

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I’m glowing. Yonder, I spot my kindred: publishing and design types. I’m very much not a copyeditor, though (but you all have my utmost respect). Please be gentle.

I’m Margaret, a typesetter/graphic production artist in NYC. I’ve been in publishing for four years: I started working on the pressroom floor during the swing shift at a newspaper (Hi Denise! I cut rubylith! Like, nine times. Street cred? Hmm? No? OK . . .) and last year I was studying Victorian typography and ordering dies from reclusive banknote engravers for an independent letterpress studio. For years, I’ve eagerly awaited the second novel from this guy and for this guy to finish the one he started [ed. note circa 2009: He did and it is awesome]. I’m in my 20’s, so being eager for years may just come with the territory. Like mix tapes.

India is my former co-worker extraordinaire. At our last job she let me bounce my ignorance and curiosity off of her experience and intellect, which was a thoroughly educational experience for a book design tyro. By observing her example, I was also able to study how to keep teaching myself, which is invaluable. She even let me name this blog, which tickles me to no end. I wish I’d come up with drawmonauts though.

I’ve loved drawing a long time. I asked for my first drawing lessons when I was six — I’d doodled some anthropormorphic bunnies along the edge of a wordsearch that I though came out well. My dad was a hardcore MacAddict from the word go, so I grew up fascinated with rounded rectangles and debating between the brick fill or the checkerboard fill. Later it was Photoshop’s lighting effects (Blue! Omni!) and our friend the Clone Stamp. (There has got to be a Clone Stamp Design Studio somewhere. You lie, Google.) I didn’t go to a lot of museums until I was older, but while I was sitting on this bench with my grandfather, Kenneth, I saw a man propose to the woman he was with. She said yes. And I got to see Starry Night at MoMA before it went home, which took my breath away [Ed. Note: Saw it again when it came back in 2008. Still takes my breath away]. Like Denise, I didn’t know you were allowed to major in Art until halfway through my freshman year as a Advertising & Marketing Communications major in NYC. Sophomore year I transferred to SVA’s illustration program beginning in the Fall of 2001. It was a really bad time in New York (everywhere else too, I suppose), but I was able to get another year working at my favorite bookstore, Gotham Book Mart, a nourishing class on painting, and a chance to meet some wonderful illustrators before I left NYC to recover. I’m really happy to be coming up on my 2nd year being back in NYC. I don’t have trouble with doodling to pass the time or in fits and spurts, but I would like to draw more for pleasure, rather than just as something to do with my hands or to plan out something for work.

Radio Indie Pop What I listen to when I doodle, sometimes. Streaming ad-free music a la hipster, including the album of the month, favorite unsigned artist, fave new artist debut, and Ramones Radio.

Book covers of the NYTimes Book Review Keeping an eye peeled for familiar names, new names, and the Pretty.

Foreword: A Book Design Blog

Mark is a really cool book design guy.

La lutte serais dure, mais pas triste.* Also: Chi-Chi-Chi-Chiaroscuro!

*The struggle will be long, but not sad.**

**actually a month isn’t that long, but you get the idea.


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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Best mashup title ever!

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