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Assignments from Professor Mom October 19, 2006

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So, as those who know me know, Wednesday night is Family Night. Every week I make dinner—Iron Chef–style, i.e., very quickly and using whatever ingredients are on hand—for my mom. We update each other on our lives, I empty her spam folder and run Software Update, and we review the Cute Overload homepage together. So this week I described DrawMo!, and of course, she was delighted. I told her what our plans are, and she suggested the following two drawing exercises, which she gives to her own students:

  1. Upside-Down Roommate Portrait

    You may have believed—as did I—that the only way to do an upside-down drawing, as I mentioned last week, is to take a printed picture and turn it upside down. I mean, you can’t draw upside-down from life, right? Not so, my little friends! The workaround for this is to get your roommate, housemate, or whoever you can grab to lie down on the couch, face up. Then stand at the end of the couch, looking down over his or her head, and draw from there.

  2. Make the Dallas Cowboys Cross-Dress

    Get a copy of the sports section and find some pictures of football players in action—American football. Those of you who’re overseas can look for photos online. They have to be wearing those padded uniforms, and the helmets. I guess hockey players would work, too, but try to find some pictures of brawls, perhaps, with the players in uncommon positions. Okay. Then, redraw the figures without all their gear, transformed into women, wearing women’s clothes and shoes.

Mom rocks, right?


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