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My stick figures don’t stick! October 18, 2006

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Allow me to introduce the worst artist in the blog, until someone else tries to knock me off the mountain. ;-)

A journalist friend pointed me towards India’s blog, which I enjoyed very much, and since I’ve crapped out on NaNoWriMo enough years, I figured it was time again to beat myself up for creative work I’m supposed to be doing but am not. :-P

OK: My name’s Denise, and I’m a newspaper copy editor/page designer living in Daytona Beach, Fla. Yes, we own a motorcycle. Yes, we will attend Biketoberfest events this weekend. No, I do not have any tattoos. (I asked my husband’s tattoo artist yesterday, with a straight face, if he would put a tribal sun on my lower back, and I was kicked out while everyone laughed.) I’m also a native New Yorker (meaning I was born in Staten Island and raised in Bayonne, NJ, but that’s certainly close enough) but have lived in Florida since 1997, when I started at the University of Miami, double-majoring in journalism and music. I sing soprano, mostly opera, and also in former lives have played the piano and the harp, but as I own neither at the moment I’m sadly rusty. (Going to Sam Ash and playing on the demo pianos makes me cry.)

Through some miracle I managed to stop partying enough to graduate, and since then I have worked at 100K+ circulation newspapers, married and have a four-year-old daughter, whose artistic talent is just about up to my level now. (Her faces look strangely like Terrance and Philip. I don’t know why.) Her daddy’s an excellent artist, but I lack any ability whatsoever. (I also can’t catch a ball, or save a princess on a video game.)

As I have threatened elsewhere, my art projects may consist of doodling with my red felt-tip marker on a pad with company letterhead. Or, if I actually have some time at home, I’ll piddle around with Photoshop and submit something that’s (hopefully) cool.

Or maybe I’ll just write a bunch of snarky, self-deprecating blog posts.

Favorite design-related sites (P.S. I don’t know why WordPress takes all the capital letters out of bulleted items, but I am Not Happy):

  • The Occasional Odd Crop, a photoblog by a journalism colleague in San Diego. All the fun of blogs, no pesky words to read! Seriously, gorgeous photos, mostly with point-and-shoots.
  • Today’s Front Pages on Newseum. What everyone else is doing around the world.
  • NewsPageDesigner. Where I send prospective employers for my portfolio, and again, to steal creative ideas from the slide show.

Favorite non-art-related sites:

  • Chowhound.com. Cuz I’m one of those people who, 2 weeks after moving to a town, knows where all the best places to eat are.
  • Dinosaur Comics. I think after reading these too much, I’m starting to talk like T-Rex?
  • Romenesko. Yeah, all journalists are gossips. Here we get to gossip about each other.
  • Headsup. I’m about 52% copy editor, 48% designer, so here’s where I get to read articulate bitching about other people’s bad editing.

EDIT: India tried to teach me the winsome ways of WordPress, but alas, I’m of The Unteachable. I did, however, manage to figure out the Flickr account, so my photo is there. :-)


4 Responses to “My stick figures don’t stick!”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Eh, it’s not WordPress’s fault about the lowercasing; it’s our otherwise cute (I think) blog template by Release. As of a few days ago, our post titles now seem to have all initial caps—they used to be all lowercase, too, if I recall correctly. Le sigh. We could change the template, but I think it’s pretty. Or we could pay real cash money to use our own CSS . . . Nah. Free is better.

    Anyway. Thanks for introducing yourself, Denise! I didn’t know 99 percent of that. And I love the tagline at Headsup: “Thorts and comments about editing and the deskly arts.” I am totally going to add “the deskly arts” to my vocabulary. Maybe to my résumé.

  2. myanni Says:

    Hi Denise! We’ve probably crossed paths in cyberspace (does anyone say “cyberspace” anymore?). I frequent some of the same sites.

    My name’s Mary; I’m a journalist, too. Writer/page designer/graphic artist. Actual artist? Not so much. But I guess we’ll see!

  3. dcovert Says:

    Hi Mary! *North Jersey props!*

    Maybe you could draw pictures of the big bagels I’m missing. . .:-)

  4. myanni Says:

    Oh, I’m so going to draw bagels! And if I get adventurous, maybe … lox!

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