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Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, come on in! October 18, 2006

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Most of the DrawMonauts who have joined so far know me in some way or another—either through the Internets, or through the three-dimensional world, or both. But most of you don’t know anything about each other, and I hope that as November approaches, more people will sign on, some of whom are total strangers to all of us. Hooray for total strangers! So I thought it might be useful for us to, in the spirit of Meet the Flockers, say a little something about ourselves.

I’ll start.

Hi! I’m a book designer (interiors only; at a prominent publishing house owned by a multinational media conglomerate) and occasional editorial freelancer. My workcentric blog is called India, Ink. I used to run a large Web site, and at present I subscribe to about two hundred RSS feeds, but I do not have an Internet addiction. I swear.

I am a native New Yorker, and I have lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn most of my life. My mom is an artist and professor of art, and although—or more likely because—I grew up being dragged to galleries and museums, with art and artists around all the time, I have never had any particular interest in art. In fact, I have very little patience for it. On the rare occasions when someone wheedles/cajoles/bullies me into going to a show or museum, within minutes I revert to being a cranky five-year-old: “I’m tired. Why isn’t there anywhere to sit down? I’m hungry. Can we go now?”

(“But you’re a designer, so you must be an artist!” people say to me. Well, no, not so much. I have some visual sense, sure, but what I do for work is much more about reading and arithmetic skills than art aptitude.)

That said, I did learn to draw when I was little, all through school I was a mad doodler and generally thought of as more artistic than not, and I did take some art classes in college (drawing, printmaking, art history). Since then, however—and that’s almost half my life ago, now—I have not drawn at all. This bugs me.

Hence, DrawMo!

Okay, next . . . ?

(Remember: This is a group blog! If you’re an official, registered, nonlurking participant, you can post your own posts, not just comments!)


2 Responses to “Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, come on in!”

  1. Julia Says:

    I just read the headline of this entry and suddenly, I could hear Madelline Kahn’s voice as clear as bell in my head, saying “come on in!” from Blazing Saddles. Thanks for that recollection.

    My story is that I could always draw, even as a little kid. It has something to do with right brain proficiency I am sure. While I was young, my parents would encourage the drawing but I never had anything to “say”. What I drew was just representative of what I saw. I didn’t think I was creating “art” (still don’t). However when it came time for university and making a living, I was encouraged to do anything but art, as everyone knows that one cannot make a living as an artist. Which is mostly true. Looking back, I see that I draw something about once every ten years. The last time I drew anything was the year I spent in England in 1995-6. So it’s time for another drawing!

    I fear that what I “get” from drawing is the praise from other people who cannot draw, who say “I could never do that” and “you’re so talented” etc. My husband makes photographs that are so beautifully composed, I am awestruck. However, people look at photos and say “I could do that” even if we all know they can’t – they can’t take a picture in focus, they can’t compose elements in the photo, they can’t take a photo of anything other than folks on holiday and obviously beautiful things like sunsets. Peter’s photos make you look at the obvious in a whole new way. In fact, I may use what I have learned from him to decide what to draw – boy you learn something new every day.

  2. […] Since I gave some of the who-am-I over in comments, I thought I would post about tools. Without having to buy anything new at all, I am ready for DrawMo with the following stuff: Even though he says he can’t draw (and isn’t doing DrawMo because of other pressing commitments like NaNoWriMo), my husband really wants to draw and over time has bought more in the way of art supplies than I ever had. So I raided his stash and came up with two sketch pads that are small enough to tote around with me. One is 5.5 by 8.5 which is a little large for the small purse but then I found a teeny tiny pad only 3.5 by 5 so I have no excuses. […]

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